Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pre real talk

My lungs have hit their capacity
My hands have hit their potential
my mind has hit its limit

It's been a long week...
My post should be updated soon..

Sunday, April 26, 2015

6,615,852,000 females

This is to the girl, whose mind doesn't fit in her body because she doesn't fit the image in the magazine. This is to the girl who hides things under layers of clothes for no one to see. This is to the girl who hopes to repent but never sin. This is to the girl who puts emotions through herself. The girl who hides in other shadows, who yearns for light. This is to the girl who wore pink but now wears black. The girl who's sad and lonely and bad at math. This is to the girl who sits out in the back of the church smoking while her dad preaches. This is to the girl who got to close to someone. This is to the girl who covered her Arms with sleeves to hide her past, To the girl who spent most her time with her head in the "bowl". This is to the girl who didn't smile as often as she cried, because the smile was to painful.  Damnit this is for you... 


Hearts as one. Tears together, hugs tighter. Love growing. You and I forever. 

Never stop loving me the way you do today. Because if you did I'm sure my world would crack in two. Run to me.. And I'll run to you. 

Every time I'm with you I can't explain the feelings I recieve. You are my happiness. 

Let's never wake up; ok? Because I feel like the world is a giant nightmire while we live our lovley dream. Take my hand. NEVER let it go. 

As we lay on our backs using our fingers to connect the stars making out perfect life. I realize.... There's no reason for it. Because my life with you is already so perfect! 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

i remember

You know what im going to change i remember to I'll remember
because i love this poem i had to share.

oh the places i want to go

New York

Sunday, April 5, 2015

whats on my feet?


Each pair of my shoes have seen a different thing,
Each pair of my shoes mean different things,
I wear them for different events,

I have sneakers, but...
I've never walked the miles you have

My shoes,
They're tired still,
and they're on break.

Then there are ones that sit in the closet waiting for someone to
reach out and wear them out.

But I mean put yourself in my shoes,

cause I don't think you could stand in them for long,
We are ALL so quick to judge..

but before you do,
please wear each and every pair of my shoes.
then you may understand.

send them off

Dear, The ticking clock lying on my wrist,
Could you please slow down the time you are ticking by?
because I can hear the second hand
and I need more time.

Dear, The finger prints on the bottom of my fingers
We are who we are
doesn't matter if you like it or not,
print yourself around the world.
you may just see that you are worth something.

Dear, The water that drizzles down the sidewalks
Sidewalk.. there's no need to cry,
though you get walked on everyday,
you're what supports the feet.
I wish you could see the view
I see
of you.

Dear, cat in the window
The mystery that hides behind the eyes
that sees it all.
too silent to tell a secret.
I wish I was as quiet as you.

Dear, love
I think I get it all now.

Love, McKinley